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Traditional Marketing Techniques that still work today

Knowing how and where to invest your marketing budget and tactics is sometimes not easy, however, getting it wrong can be a setback for many small business owners. But with so many marketing strategies available, how do you choose? While some traditional marketing techniques are fading away, others are still going strong, and still, rule the […]

Tips to creating sharable brand experience

Creating memorable and share-worthy brand experiences can help your brand rise above the competition and raise your company above average and even great brands. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is over-complicating their marketing strategies, looking for the next new “viral” trend, and hoping their brand will start it. Because they complicate what should […]

4 easy techniques to find your brand niche

Those who try to appeal to everyone risk appealing to no one at all. Focusing on a specialty is one of the most important aspects of developing a successful business and personal brand. Entrepreneurs should claim a narrowly defined market sector in which they desire to excel. It’s a prevalent misperception that concentrating on a […]

How to create a brand strategy

People buy relationships, tales, and magic, not things and services. A brand strategy is a written plan that a company uses to project a specific image of itself in the minds of current and potential customers. When a firm has developed and implemented a strong brand strategy, people know who they are and what they […]

Ways to Keep Your Business Going in Hard Times

Here are our top tips for keeping your business up and running during the toughest of times. No matter what, you can absolutely do this.  Hire carefully  Since it’s so vital to have the right people running point on customer experience, make sure you prioritize this in your hiring process. Talk with an expert on hiring […]

Why do businesses need to invest in training management​

Essentially, investing in employee training increases profits by lowering expenses, which happens in the form of benefits like reduced turnover or fewer fines due to incompliance. Training also helps to increase revenue, which comes in the form of accelerated sales growth and higher productivity.  In this article, we will discuss reasons why companies both big […]

Developing a “KILLER” marketing strategy

In the world of business, working smarter, not harder, has always been about having an effective marketing strategy. These are some steps in creating a killer marketing strategy. We hope they work out for you as they have for us. Step #1: Validate the market How do you know you have a great product that […]